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2017-2018 Incoming Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

As part of our best effort to get to know your child as soon as possible, we are scheduling a few days in may (23rd, 24th and 25th) to conduct a Kindergarten Readiness Assessment.

This is a CRITICAL screening tool that we will use to help us better plan our curriculum and instructional approaches for the upcoming school year.  After we have screened all of our wonderful new kindergarten students, we will be sending the results of that assessment home to you, so that you can help them practice and/or reinforce skills before the fall.  We want nothing more than to have ALL of our students get off to the strongest and most positive start they can for the school year!

These screenings will take place at the school and should not be very time consuming at all (15-25 minutes).  To help you, with what we are sure is a very busy schedule, we have set up a website that will allow you to schedule this screening at times most convenient to you.  Please visit the link below to schedule your child’s appointment:

or copy and paste the following into your browser:
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