Franklin Towne Elementary School It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a TOWNE to educate one.

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School Counselor

My name is Mrs. Rudolf, and I am the school counselor.  My job is to help all students feel happy, safe and connected at school, so they can do their best work, and achieve academic and personal success. To do this I collaborate with teachers, parents, staff, school administration and the Community.  It's a big job!
In a former life, I worked in sales and marketing and helped grownups achieve their sales performance goals.  This was ok, but I realized after awhile, that I really wanted to work with students in schools.   I wanted to help them learn how to learn so they would feel confident about their abilities and not be afraid to ask for help or make a mistake along the way.  
SO, I went to graduate school at Arcadia University and got my Masters degree in Counseling Psychology.  It was hard work, and a long road, but here I am... a Pennsylvania state certified school counselor, K-12! Yeah!
This is my third year at FTCES, and I am very excited to get started 
I know in my heart this is going to be an Extraordinary Year!
Mrs. Darcie Rudolf, MA
215.289.3389x4237  |
Feel appreciation
for what is,
for what is coming!
It's a brand new school year!
Let's make it a Great One, together!