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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Science!

We are continuing to explore the ecosystem by learning how organisms and their nonliving world can be categorized and investigating how both biotic (living factors) and abiotic (nonliving factors) affect one another and determine if an organism can live there. There will be a unit test on Wednesday 10/18.


 Monday: Finish your symbiosis story, work on your proof of study (due Wednesday)

In the story, students must make up two fictional organisms, describe how each is affected by their relationship with one another,

and include a colored illustration. The type of symbiosis should be written on the back of the paper.


Tuesday: Finish your analysis questions, finish your proof of study (due tomorrow)
Wednesday: Work on finishing your unit review (due Friday)
Thursday: Enjoy your night
Friday: Enjoy a fun and safe weekend.


If you missed it...

Affix Monster Directions:

Create an ecosystem  for the affix monster with the following pictured and labeled…

š5 abiotic factors it relies on and explain how it relies on them

š2 biotic factors and explain how it relies on them

identify the organism’s



ša population it is apart of

šthe community it lives among

šand the ecosystem it lives in.

 Wanted Poster:
 Select and research an invasive species and create a "Wanted" poster identifying it. Remember to include:
  • where it is native to
  • new locations it lives in
  • How or why did it migrate
  • the organism's name
  • a colored illustration of the organism,
  • the organism's negative effects (2-3)
  • ways we combat them.
Study Resources:
Energy Levels and Food Chains/Webs:
Unit Review (in song form!):
Quizlet (interactive flashcards): 
Interactive Games:
PSSA Practice: