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Welcome!  I am overjoyed and extremely eager to begin the 2017/2018 school year.  As a third year teacher at Franklin Towne, I am happy to begin another journey enriching the minds of my students.   As a graduate of Millersville University and Temple University, I have explored many avenues of education and have a diverse work and education background.  I possess a Bachelors of Science in Business Marketing and Elementary Education. 
A lot of changes and growth will occur this year in 3rd grade.  Our goal is for all of our students to grow both academically and personally.  Your child will have a homeroom teacher, and a subject teacher (Math or ELA).  If your child is in my homeroom, they will also be in my math class.  Your child will have Mrs. Glaze or Mrs. Pester for ELA.  All of this information will be sent home at some point during the first week of school.  Science and Social Studies will also be taught in your child's homeroom.  
Students have access to their Math and ELA materials via ThinkCentral.  Students can play games, complete assignments, and revisit material taught that day from their home computer.  This is a great way to access useful tools to assist in your child's learning.  
Excitement and gratitude are just some of the emotions I am feeling as the school year approaches.  I look forward to meeting all my students and their families! 
Mrs. Park
*** PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE CHECKING YOUR CHILD'S HOMEWORK FOR ACCURACY. Homework is graded on accuracy and not completion.  Homework below a 70% will be sent home to make corrections.  It is very important to me that we are working as a team to make sure that your child succeeds.  Thank you in advance.  
*** Re-Tests will be given for children who score below a 70%.  They must take the re-test.  The highest score your child can receive is a 70%. Please help your child by using their "Learning Log" to study.  
The kids have been doing a fantastic job adjusting the transitions and 3rd grade.  I am very proud of them!
1.  All students' books will need to be covered within the first two weeks of school.  We will send home a few a night.  
2.  Supplies for your child should be present on their first day of school.  We would like all students to be able to fully participate with their own materials from day 1.  
3.  Please send in your box tops.  We are competing with other classes this year!
4.  Gym day is on Wednesday.  Students must come dressed in their gym uniform.
5.  Please return the transportation/ contact forms with any changes.  
This year, we are introducing students to learning logs.  These are great tools that students can use to assess their own knowledge.  It provides us with feedback on their learning while promoting independence and ownership.   Learning logs will be reviewed each morning in class on the previous days topics to check for misconceptions.  Ultimately, our goal in third grade is for logs to be used as study guides before a test.  Tests count for 65% of your child's total grade in Math.  As of last year, Franklin Towne adjusted the scales for grading formative (classwork, homework),  and summative (tests) assessments.  Please know that tests count for a large portion of your child's grade.  It is very important to study for all tests.  
Homework is graded on completion and accuracy.  This is a perfect time for you to reinforce skills taught in school that day.  Students must complete homework, and turn it in the next day.  If a student does not turn in their homework, they will receive a demerit and lunch detention.  Homework can be turned in the next day for half credit.  Please check your child’s homework for silly mistakes or missed problems.  Homework and classwork count for 35% of your child's total grade.  
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