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Welcome to 302!

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  I am so excited to begin my second year teaching 3rd grade!  I will be teaching reading, science, and social studies.  We are using a new reading curriculum this year called Journeys.  Check back here weekly for updates about the skills your children are working on in class!  I look forward to watching my students grow throughout the year!

Journeys Lesson 4 Study Guide – 10/2-10/13


Essential Question


Why is everyone’s role on a project important?


Comprehension Skill


Compare and Contrast

-        explain how two things are alike and different

-        can use a Venn Diagram




Common and Proper Nouns

-       Noun: person, place, things, idea


·     Common noun: names any person, place, or thing

o  dog, girl, chair, school


·     Proper noun: names a particular person, place or thing, starts with a capital letter

o  Susan, Philadelphia, Franklin Towne, Finding Nemo




1.   crew: a group of workers

2.   tide: the rise and fall of the sea

3.   cling: stick to or hang on tightly to something

4.   balancing: keeping steady without falling over

5.   foggy: thick mist or low clouds

6.   disappears: when something passes from sight

7.   stretch: to extend or spread out

8.   excitement: a feeling of great happiness

Franklin Towne has a variety of digital resources available to help support and augment our students’ learning experience. These resources can be found on our website under Towne Tech → Digital Learning.
Think Central is an online home of our RELA (Grades K-5) and Math Books (Grades K-6).
  • Log on to
  • Click “Reading and Language Arts”, then click “Journeys”. Then fill in the following information:
  • Check Remember My Information so that this information only needs to be entered once**
    • Username: FirstName.LastName
    • Example: John Smith would be john.smith
    • Password: towne
    • Click “Library” to access all textbooks and workbooks, as well as extra-support activity books.
    • On the right click "Reading"
    • The workbook we use is called "Journeys Reader's Notebook"


Homework Policy

  • Students must complete homework and turn it in the next day.
  • If a student does not turn in their homework, they will receive a demerit and lunch detention.
  • This is a perfect time for you to reinforce skills taught in school that day.
  • Homework can be turned in the next day for half credit.
  • Please check your child’s homework for silly mistakes or missed problems.
About me:
I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and earned my Bachelor's Degree in Communications, while minoring in Business and International Studies, at Penn State University.  I continued my education at Cabrini University, where I earned my Master's Degree and teaching certificates in Elementary Education (K-6), Special Education (K-12) and middle level English (7-9).
I had the privilege to join the Franklin Towne staff two years ago as a long term substitute.  This is my second year teaching third grade.