Mission and Vision


Franklin Towne Charter Elementary School's mission is to establish a happy and nurturing environment that both promotes and cultivates a positive learning experience for our children. By involving staff, students, and parents we plan to create a challenging and supportive school where our students can learn and grow.


Graduates of Franklin Towne Charter Elementary School will be proficient in reading and mathematics. This will result in an increase in FTCES' performance on national, state and local assessments, including the PSSA, PASA, and PSSA-M.

Graduates will be prepared academically to enter any high school institute that they choose.

FTCES will cultivate among its students the social and emotional skills necessary to be productive beyond our walls.

FTCES will implement interventions as needed to ensure that students have the tools and support needed to succeed in the FTCES curriculum and beyond.

Students with special needs will be supported through an exceptional Special Education program, enabling these students to meet the goals of their Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

FTCES will celebrate multiculturalism, providing students with cultural experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

Student learning will be augmented with a comprehensive extracurricular program that
includes clubs and teams that emphasize arts, athletics, community service, leadership, and academics.

FTCES will employ a dedicated and highly qualified instructional staff.

Instructional staff will receive relevant and high quality professional development rooted in best practices.

FTCES will employ data-driven decision making, using a system of continuous monitoring of student progress.

FTCES will fully integrate technology into all areas of the FTCES educational environment.

Parents will be actively engaged in their children's education and will be active participants in a variety of academic and extracurricular programming at FTCES.

FTCES will be a safe learning community, providing a clear and consistently implemented
Code of Conduct for student behavior.