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January: Camryn Fahy

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  • We now have gym two days a week! Come dressed for gym on Wednesdays and Fridays :)
  • Novels were sent home this week. Please read the letter regarding borrowing a book and return the slip signed by Tuesday, 2/19.

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 Novel Study: Inside Out and Back Again

by: Thanhha Lai



Weeks 1-2 (Feb. 11-22)

Glutinous: (adj.) like glue in texture; sticky 

Foretell: (v.) predict (the future or a future event) 

Imitation: (n.) a thing intended to simulate or copy something else 

Tolerable: (adj.) able to be endured 

Conviction: (n.) a firmly held belief or opinion 

Crescent: (n.) a curved shaped figure 

Bypass: (n.) A highway or section of a highway that passes around a congested or blocked area 

Gaunt: (adj.) Thin, bleak, desolate 

Resembled: (adj.) to exhibit similarity or likeness to 

Ancestry: (n.) the descendants of an individual 

Flaunt: (v.) to display (possessions, oneself, etc) to show off


Weeks 3-4 (Feb. 25- Mar. 8)

Composure: If someone is keeping their composure, they are staying calm and tranquil. Despite the chaos and panic around her, she kept her composure. 


Standard: The standard is the average or normal way of doing something. 

The food on the ship was not up to their usual standard. 


Application: An application is a written or spoken request. They needed to file an application before they could be transported to another location. 


Surround: Enclosed on all sides. The ship was surrounded by the ocean. 


Risky: If you do something risky it is dangerous or hazardous. Fleeing Vietnam was very risky for Ha and her family. 


Remnant: A remnant of something is the small part of it that is left. There were only remnants left of her home in Saigon. 


Tangible: Something that is tangible is real and has value. The only tangible things that were left from home is what they carried in their packs. 


Consider: When you consider something, you think carefully about it. Ha’s family needed to consider all of their options before they left Vietnam. 


Fermented: Something fermented is blended together or mixed up. The people were trapped on the ship in horrible conditions their bodies fermenting in sweat. 


Clutching: Gripping and holding tightly. Ha was clutching her doll as they boarded to ship. 




Spelling Words:

Weeks 1-2 Quiz on Friday, 2/22 engineering, ripening, peaceful, seamstresses, pronounced, unbelievable, presidential, resembled, bypasses, relatives, whistles, rewarded, strapped, abandoned, crawling, disrupted, heartless, lingers, countless, avoiding, huddled, surprise
Weeks 3-4 Quiz on Friday, 3/8 : commander, embarrass, imagine, monitor, hammock, clutch, putrid, flatten, handkerchief, wrestle, souvenir, certain, impossible, strength, motorboat, overboard, toothbrush, bathroom, nightclothes, crisscross
Review Skills:
1. Figurative Language: Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Hyberbole, Alliteration, Idiom
2. Poem Analysis
3. Context Clues with literature (see guided notes in reading folder)


The 2018-19 school year is gearing up to be a fantastic one! ELA has many fun and exciting lessons planned.  We will be reading novels, learning new reading and writing strategies, and brushing up on skills from previous years. 


Students in 4th grade will be writing daily to ensure optimal development of skills.  We will also have access to NEW Chrome Books (laptops) for additional writing activities.


My goal is to make reading as engaging and fun as possible. We want students to leave 4th grade with a positive outlook and an investment in their education. Students will read independently, along with other students in small groups, and together as a class.


The children will complete classwork and projects independently, but also with other students, as they learn much from each other.  Group work is a vital component in our classroom learning environment, as it fosters cooperation, communication, and collaboration.


BIO: I have three beautiful children with my husband of 13 years.  Both of my sons attend FTCE and my daughter is in preschool. This is my 7th year at Franklin Towne Charter E.S., my 3rd with the focus on ELA.  I have a master’s degree from Holy Family University in elementary education.  My bachelor’s degree of science was earned at Temple University, majoring in English. I am also certified to teach middle school English.



Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns @:

Candice DeMas

Franklin Towne Charter Elementary School


Office Hours- 7:30-3:30 M-TR

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AM ELA text @demasela to 81010 

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