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Teacher Page

Book cover for The Harvest Birds.Journeys Lesson 8 Study Guide – 11/6-11/10

Essential Question
What do traditional tales tell readers about life?
Comprehension Skill
Drawing Conclusions · tie story details together to understand the text and figure out things the author didn’t state in the story

Commas in a Series
· When a list of three or more words is used in a sentence, use commas to separate them

· Examples:
o I have pencils, crayons, and markers.
o We went running, walking, and skipping.
1. harvest: the crop that is gathered during a growing season
2. separate: divide objects into smaller groups
3. ashamed: feels embarrassed or guilty about something
4. borders: dividing lines between two pieces of land
5. advice: when you tell someone what you think they should do
6. borrow: have someone's permission to use something and give it back
7. patch: small area of land where certain plants or crops grow
8. serious: care a lot about what they are saying or doing
Franklin Towne has a variety of digital resources available to help support and augment our students’ learning experience. These resources can be found on our website under Towne Tech → Digital Learning.
Think Central is an online home of our RELA (Grades K-5) and Math Books (Grades K-6).
  • Log on to
  • Click “Reading and Language Arts”, then click “Journeys”. Then fill in the following information:
  • Check Remember My Information so that this information only needs to be entered once**
    • Username: FirstName.LastName
    • Example: John Smith would be john.smith
    • Password: towne
    • Click “Library” to access all textbooks and workbooks, as well as extra-support activity books.
    • On the right click "Reading"
    • The workbook we use is called "Journeys Reader's Notebook"
    • The reader is called "Journeys EBook"
My name is Jennifer Glaze and I am from Northeast Philadelphia. I was born and raised in the Mayfair section and attended St. Timothy Grade School and St. Hubert High School. I went to Beaver College/Arcadia University and graduated in 2002 with my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education. After working as a first grade teacher for a few years, I realized that I wanted to further my own education to help meet the needs of my students. I headed back to Arcadia and graduated with my masters in reading and became a reading specialist in 2007. I have been teaching for fifteen years and have experience in both first and third grades. I am very excited to be here at Franklin Towne and look forward to working with my new students!  
Class Rules: 
1. Respect one another by using kind words and good deeds. 
2. Keep quiet and stay on task. 
3. Be merit worthy students. 
4. Be a team player by showing good sportsmanship. 
5. Try your best always

Homework Policy

  • Students must complete homework and turn it in the next day.
  • If a student does not turn in their homework, they will receive a demerit and lunch detention.
  • This is a perfect time for you to reinforce skills taught in school that day.
  • Please check your child’s homework for any incorrect or incomplete answers.