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Agnello, Tiffany » Welcome to First Grade!

Welcome to First Grade!

Please find your child's reading level and use the comprehension questions to discuss the book they bring home. These are the types of questions they are expected to be able to answer when they are tested for their reading levels. 
Students will receive a demerit for any missing assignments. 
Homework for the week of February 18th:  
 All Homework is due on Friday morning.
** Sign and return test folder **
** Social Studies project due Thursday, February 28th **
Math (online): 
*Tuesday - Lesson 7.2
*Wednesday - Lesson 7.3
*Thursday - Lesson 7.4
Reading (paper):
* Read "The Blizzard" and "The Clown is in Town" and answer comprehension questions
* Paper books will be sent home this week. Please read and discuss the story.
Spelling and Trick Words:
* Practice reading and writing trick words
* NO SPELLING LIST or TEST this week
 Sight Words
*Complete 2 activities from the "Sight Word Homework Menu"
*Check your child's "Sight Word Homework Menu" to see if this is an optional assignment
**The menu is sent home once a month when the new lists are sent home**
**If you have any questions or concerns about homework please email me.** 
Please check your student's green folder EVERY NIGHT! Please look for the following:
-Behavior log (please initial it every night and discuss the behavior recorded with your student)
-Important papers that need to be signed and returned to school
-Information regarding school events or activities 
-Please clear out all papers that don't need to come back to school
Skills and Tests for the week of February 18th:
Reading: Cause and Effect and The moral of the story
Writing: Poetry - Sensory Poems "I hear, I see, I smell, I feel, I taste"
Grammar: Prepositions and prepositional phrases
Math: Comparing Numbers
Social Studies: Presidents (George Washington and Abe Lincoln)
Fundations: Consonant and Digraph Blends
* Comprehension Test
* Graded Sensory Poem
More information:
Reading: When students are reading at home please continue to talk about ALL the different comprehension skills (setting, characters, beginning, middle, and end, main idea and details, visualizing, author's purpose, sequencing events, compare/contrast, conclusions, genre). We will continue to review these throughout the year. It is essential that they understand what these words mean and how to respond when asked about them. 
** Starting this week, reading homework will be online through Think Central (the same as the math homework). The assignments will be listed under the "To do" section along with the math assignments. Students should read the assigned story and complete the separate comprehension assignment. The story and assignment are listed separately. This is to give the students extra practice with the types of questions that are given on their graded comprehension tests. Starting in the fourth marking period students will be required to read all comprehension formatives and summatives on their own, so this is a wonderful way to practice. This to prepare them for second grade when they are required to read all tests independently. **
Math: Continue to practice math facts (addition and subtraction).
Sight Words: Starting with the new year if your child has not moved on for 3 months or more they will be required to complete two activities from the "Sight Word Homework Menu" and send in with their homework on Fridays. A demerit will be issued if not turned in with their homework on Friday. The "Sight Word Homework Menu" sent home in their yellow homework folder will indicate if it is mandatory for your child. The "Sight Word Homework Menu" is sent home at the beginning of the month and should be used for the whole month. 
Fundations: We will be reviewing Unit 8 this week. Please take a look at the unit 8 resource below to help reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. Feel free to use any of the resources to support your child with the skills we will be working on in the classroom. 
Trick Words (words that can't be tapped out) Learned:
** Need to know how to read and spell these words **
Unit 2 - the, a, and, is, his, of
 Unit 3 - as, has, to, into, we, he, she, be, me, for, or
Unit 4 -you, your, I, they, was, one, said
Unit 5 -from, have, do, does 
Unit 6 - were, her, put, there, what, she, been, by, who
Unit 7 - why, by, my, try, put, two, very, too, also
Unit 8 - would, could, should, her, over, number
Below you will find more information about our new Fundations program we are using this year. The Fundations units we have completed so far (1-7) and this weeks unit (8) are listed. I will continue to add each unit as the year progresses. In each unit, you will find a letter explaining the unit, activities, optional homework, and other resources to help you assist your child in mastering the skills we are learning in the classroom.
** Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. **
Our Room: 103
Students: 27
Monday - Music
Tuesday - Gym
    *Wear gym uniform*
Wednesday - Tech
Thursday - Gym
    *Wear gym uniform*
Friday - Spanish
Monday - Thursday
     * 8:30 am - 3:15 pm
     * Lunch 12:25 - 1:05
     * 8:30 am - 1:30 pm
     * Lunch 12:30 - 1:05
  * Everyday
   * Small
   * Healthy
   * Water Only
Box Tops:
Please send in your box tops. We will be competing against other classes this year!
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February 25th - March 1st: Read Across America Week
* Dr. Seuss information will be coming home soon
Hi! My name is Ms. Agnello and I am going to be your child's first grade teacher! This will be my 3rd year teaching at Franklin Towne in First grade. I feel so lucky to be part of the Towne team and love Franklin Towne! I love teaching and watching little minds shape and mold into wonderful little readers, writers, mathematicians, etc. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is when the light bulb turns on because a kiddo gets it! I am very excited to work with you and your child this year!
I grew up in Marlton, New Jersey and graduated with my Bachelors Degree from Temple University. Go Owls! This summer I completed my master's degree in reading from Wilkes University. Learning never ends, which is why I continue to take classes and learn new things to help educate my students. 
In my free time I love to read, play with my dog, and spend time with my friends and family. I am in the process of planning my wedding and am excited to be a bride July 2019!
We are a team! I want to make sure that together we are always making the best decisions for your child. Please don't ever hesitate to contact me for any reason. 
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Text @dbfk3c to 81010
Phone: (215) 289-3389