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Snyder, Jessica » Miss Snyder's Fourth Grade Class

Miss Snyder's Fourth Grade Class

     Welcome! My name is Jessica Snyder and I am a fourth grade math teacher at Franklin Towne for the 2018-2019 school year. I graduated from Temple University where I studied elementary and special education. This year at Franklin Towne is my second year teaching, and I am extremely excited for the opportunity to work with your children. It is important to me that throughout this school year, I not only teach your children math, science, and social studies, but that I also make them better people than they were when they entered my classroom. 
    On this page I will post links to any videos or other resources that could be useful to you at home. Please feel free to come to this page and use those resources at any time. 
Please check planners for homework assignments
Students can work on their study guides throughout the unit. They must be completed the day of the test. 
Week of 10/15-10/19
Topics Covered:
Interpret the Remainder
Long Division
Important Dates:
Thursday 10/18 Chapter 4 Test
Week of 10/22-10/26
Topics Covered:
Review of quarter 1 for the quarterly
  • Place value/ Value of numbers (standard, expanded, word form)
  • Rounding
  • Comparing Numbers
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
  • Interpret the Remainder
Factors and Multiples
Important Dates:
Quarterly Tuesday 10/23 (Chapters 1-4)
Week of 10/29- 11/02
Topics Covered:
Factors and Multiples
Common Factors
Common Multiples
Input Output Tables
Prime and Composite
Important Dates:
Science Test Unit 3 Tuesday 10/30
Black and Orange Dress Down Halloween
Week of 11/05- 11/09
Topics Covered:
Equivalent Fractions
Simplest Form
Common Denominators
Important Dates:
Math Test Chapter 5 Monday 11/05
Thursday yellow and black dress down/Pep Rally
Off Friday 11/9 
Week of  11/12-11/16
Topics Covered
Common Denominators
Comparing and Ordering Fractions
Important Dates:
Off Monday 11/12
Week of 11/19-11/21
Topics Covered
Chapter 6
Science Project
Important Dates
11/19-11/20 Chapter 6 Math Test
11/21 Turket Trot
11/26 Science Project Due
Science Project Due 11/26

Endangered Species Project

You must answer 8 of the 10 questions. And Questions with a * must be answered. You will also draw a picture of this animal and include it on your final poster.

  1. * What is the common and scientific name of the animal?
  2. * What is it's natural habitat? (think forest, jungle, prarie, etc.)
  3. What does the animal look like? (size, coloring, how many arms/legs, etc).
  4. What does it eat?
  5. * Does the animal have any adaptations that help it to survive in its environment?
  6. Where in the world is the animal found?
  7. * What is causing this animal to be endangered?
  8. Does this animal have any natural predators?
  9. *How many of these animals are estimated to be alive in the world?
  10. * Propose ways that the animal can be helped, include any laws or projects that already exist to help the animal.


Google your animal; you can use sources as long as they are not wikipedia



Exceeds Expectations

Meets Expectations

Does Not Meet Expectations

Questions (70%)

Each question has a very detailed answer. The answer is written in a complete sentence. All required questions are answered, and 8/10 questions are answered.

Each question is answered completely. The answer is in complete sentences. All required questions are answered, and 8/10 questions are answered.

Do not have all required question answered and/or


Answers are unclear/not incomplete sentences and/or


Answers are incorrect or do not have enough detail in their answer.


Poster is extremely neat, organized, and colorful. There are no mistakes. Poster has all required content, and is easy to understand. There is a colored picture on the poster.

Poster has all required content and is organized. There is a colored picture on the poster.

Poster is disorganized and lacks creativity and/or


Poster does not have all required content and/or


Poster has uncolored or no picture.


Student participated by answering questions, helping design and decorate the poster, and by doing research.

Student helped research but did not help with poster


Or student helped with poster but did not help with researching questions.

Student did not participate in creation of poster or research.

Useful resources:
Place Value:
Addition and Subtraction:
Interpreting Remainders in Division:
Factors and Multiples:
Prime and Composite:
Math Patterns:
Equivalent Fractions:
Common Denominators:
Comparing and Ordering Fractions: