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Snyder, Jessica » Miss Snyder's Fourth Grade Class

Miss Snyder's Fourth Grade Class

     Welcome! My name is Jessica Snyder and I am a fourth grade math teacher at Franklin Towne for the 2017-2018 school year. I recently graduated from Temple University where I studied elementary and special education. This year at Franklin Towne is my first year teaching, and I am extremely excited for the opportunity to work with your children. It is important to me that throughout this school year, I not only teach your children math, science, and social studies, but that I also make them better people than they were when they entered my classroom. 
    On this page I will post links to any videos or other resources that could be useful to you at home. Please feel free to come to this page and use those resources at any time. 
Khan Academy
Each week the students will have Khan Academy assignments that are due on Friday morning of each week.
I will post the topics and videos to this page, but assignments will be specifically on their accounts through their Khan Academy page
This can be found on the Franklin Towne website under towne tech, then clever, then Khan Academy.
4/23- 4/27
4/2- 4/6
Measurement (Customary/Metric)
 Week 3/5- 3/9
Multiplication and Division
Week 2/26-2/30
Fractions/Mixed Numbers 1
Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Ordering Fractions
Week 2: 2/20- 2/23 
Lines, Rays, and Angles
Lines, Line Segments, and Rays
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Week 1: 2/12- 2/16
Addition, Subtraction, and Rounding