Health Forms for Students


**All students are required by the State of Pennsylvania to have hearing/vision/height and weight screenings yearly. 


PA State's Required Health Testing per Grade: 

The Pennsylvania Department of Health mandates the following grade level examinations: 

Grade K: Physical Exam, Dental Exam 

Grade 3: Dental Exam 

Grade 6: Physical Exam and Scoliosis Screen 

Grade 7: Scoliosis Screen, Dental Exam 

Immunization update before entering seventh grade 

• Hepatitis B Vaccine Series (3 injections) 

• Varicella Vaccine -two doses- (or provide age of child with chickenpox disease) 


The Department of Health encourages the family physician and dentist to conduct the examinations since they are aware of the student's health status and history. These examinations are at the parent's expense. If possible, private examinations should be done over the summer to have the forms completed before SEPTEMBER. Physical and dental examinations done up to one year before grade entry will be accepted. 

For a copy of the Immunization Requirements click here --> IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS.pdf

For a copy of the Physical Form click here --> PHYSICAL EXAM FORM.pdf

For a copy of the Dental Form click here --> DENTAL FORM.pdf

For a copy of the Standard Medication Form click here -->  Standard Medication Form 23-24.pdf