Towne Connections

Towne Connections
Posted on 11/03/2021

To our Franklin Towne Families:

          Each year our students and staff raise funds to benefit and support Towne Connections through our annual Turkey Trot event taking place in just a few weeks.  Towne Connections provides meals and other major necessities to struggling Towne families who may be dealing with a sickness or death in the family, job loss, or poor health making it especially difficult to provide meals to their children during the holiday season.

          As the holiday season approaches, we are welcoming letters from our Towne families who are facing particularly tough times and would be grateful for a food basket for the holidays.  If your family, or a Towne family you know of, would benefit from the assistance of Towne Connections, please write a note explaining the family’s circumstances.  If you are writing for another Towne family, please include why the help is needed and the recipient’s name and phone number.  We do contact all families that are nominated for assistance through Towne Connections.  Please keep in mind, this is limited to Towne families only.  While we do accept letters for families in need throughout the year, in order to be considered for a food basket, we ask that you send your referral letters in by Wednesday, November 10th.

          Letters requesting our help can be emailed to [email protected], dropped off to the front desk to the attention of Towne Connections, or mailed to the school c/o Towne Connections, Franklin Towne Charter Elementary School, 4259 Richmond Street, Philadelphia, PA 19137.

Warmest Regards,

Franklin Towne Charter Elementary School